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    [WTS] - PHP Script Google Kepada MP3, Video & Lirik



    Adakah anda berminat dengan script ini?

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    [WTS] - PHP Script Google Kepada MP3, Video & Lirik

    Post by Pardork on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:54 am

    Adakah anda seorang web admin?

    Anda ingin memiliki sendiri web seperti google kepada MP3,Video & Lirik?

    Saya ada jual script PHP baek nih.. sentiasa update.. don't worry!!

    Version telah update kepada 1.0.8

    Mp3, Video, Lyric Search & Download - PHP Search Engine

    What is the new update on the PHP-Search-Engine V1.0.8??


    1. Mp3 Sources
    Mp3 source is all fixed and currently we have 11 sources of mp3 sites
    the button next and no result message also fixed

    2. Video Sources [ major update ]
    Youtube download fixed and next result added
    Dailymotion video added

    SEF url for latest search


    database FREE [ means upload n run ]
    Mp3 Search & Downloads . 11 sources
    Video Search & Downloads 2 sources
    Lyrics Search & View
    100% fully automatic
    Easy to setup!
    Php5+ Curl and mod_rewrite
    All files remotely hosted
    Allow you to listen/watch before download.
    Very Fast Results Loading.
    Embed code for mp3 [ advertise your site become more easy + free backlink ]
    Multiple domain.
    Code 90% NOT Encrypt - Easy to modified anything you want


    Works perfectly on Mozilla Firefox

    LIMITED OFFER for first 10 customer!! $25.00 - full script + copyright removal

    Payment via paypal & maybank & AMBank.
    ( )

    YM :

    so, apa kata korang? aku tgh buat offer.. jom debat!

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